African Maritime Forces Summit  Cabo Verde 20-22 March 2023

Commander, United Stated Naval Forces Europe-Africa is excited to host the inaugural African Maritime Forces Symposium (AMFS) from 20-22 March 2023!

AMFS will be NAVAF’s premier event, bringing together African Heads of Navy, Coast Guard and Naval Infantry with senior leaders from the US Navy and key allies and partners with interest in the region, including: Brazil, France, India, Italy, Japan, Portugal, South Korea, Spain, and the United Kingdom.  This symposium will be the largest maritime security-focused conference in Africa, replacing the three (3) annual exercise related Senior Leadership Symposia (SLSs).

Chiefs of Navy, Coast Guard, and Naval Infantries from Africans nations along with interested partner nations are invited to come together for a high-level forum to address maritime security challenges common within the Mediterranean Sea, Atlantic Ocean, and Indian Ocean in order to identify, share and implement solutions.

In the beautiful setting of Sal Island, Cabo Verde, participants can come together during 3 days of focused discussion so as to enhance relationships, cohesion, trust and interoperability amongst partner nations working towards maritime security.  Through forums such as this, Allies and partners in the African maritime environment can build the cohesion, competence and confidence to take collective action to increase security at sea in order to promote stability, generate investment and increase standards of living ashore.