Task Force 67 is composed of land-based maritime patrol aircraft that operate over the waters of the Mediterranean in anti-submarine, reconnaissance, surveillance, and mining roles. Task Force 67′s official mission is to provide responsive, interoperable, and expeditionary combat ready maritime patrol aircraft and supporting forces to Commander, U.S. Naval Forces Europe-Africa and Commander, U.S. SIXTH Fleet (CNE-CNA-C6F), North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and Unified Commanders to conduct effective Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW), provide factual, credible, actionable intelligence, targeting information, and promote cooperative maritime security in order to enhance regional stability to fight and win our Nation's wars.

Task Force organization 2020:

CTF-67 commands all Maritime Patrol and Reconnaissance Aircraft (MPRA) in the European and African theaters.

TG-67.1 Sigonella, Sicily, VP-Patrol Squadron (P-8A)

TG-67.2 Sigonella, Sicily, Tactical Operation Center (TOC)

TU-67.2.1 Sigonella, Sicily, Mobile Tactical Operation Center (MTOC)

TG-67.3 Sigonella, Sicily, Triton UAV (MQ-4)(When Activated) 

TG-67.4 Souda Bay, Crete, VQ-Squadron (EP-3) 

TG-67.6 Naples, Italy, Helicopter Squadron (HSC)

TG-67.8 Rota, Spain, VP-Patrol Squadron (P-8A)(As Needed)