NEWS | Sept. 25, 2019

NSA Naples Signs Joint Forces Base Defense Plan with Italian Air Force

By Lt. Jamie Moroney, NSA Naples Public Affairs

Naval Support Activity (NSA) Naples and their Italian Airforce (ITAF) counterparts signed a Joint Forces Base Defense Plan (JDP) to better collaborate on Anti-Terrorism and Force Protection, Sept. 25.

For the first time onboard NSA Naples, the ITAF and NSA Naples security forces will work together to respond to possible security threats as a unit.

Over the past eight months, ITAF and NSA Naples security members have been working side-by-side to combine their professional knowledge and hands-on experience into the JDP.

The Italian Base Commander (IBC) Col. Stefano Ferramondo and NSA Naples Commanding Officer Capt. Todd Abrahamson signed the plan into effect at the Local Joint Military Commission held on Sept. 25.

"The first ever Joint Forces Base Defense Plan is a milestone event resulting from a lot of hard work and an amazing partnership with IBC Col. Ferramondo and his team," said Abrahamson. "Having this great opportunity for interoperability demonstrates the outstanding relationship we have here with our Italian military counterparts. Cooperative efforts like this are what keeps us strong as a lethal fighting force."

Coordination from the security officers of both militaries was required to create the JDP.

“There are a lot of moving parts,” said Lt. Cmdr. Marco Agricoli, NSA Naples Security Officer. “I’ve been working with the ITAF Security Officer to create the JDP. We’ve made the necessary adjustments to allow both military entities to work and respond to any emergency that may arise.”

In addition to combining professional knowledge on paper, ITAF and NSA Naples security forces have been conducting hours of training and multiple exercises to hone tactics, techniques and procedures that will be used in joint security response efforts.

“The new JDP will allow both military entities to work side by side,” said Nick Petrucci, the NSA Naples supervisory criminal investigator and a main collaborator on the creation of the JDP. “They will be able to immediately and effectively respond to any type of threat that may arise.”

Some of the common concerns when coordinating security measures between the security forces of two different countries are language barriers, training differences, and command and control procedures. The JDP was created to mitigate these potential issues.

“Our goal was to facilitate a joint response plan to any threat.  A plan that could overcome the ‘Fog of War’, never losing control of our forces to confusion, miscommunication or misunderstanding,” said Agricoli. “This is accomplished through the clear and concise guidance of the JDP, and continued realistic and repetitive joint trainings and exercises.”

With respect to the relationship between ITAF and NSA Naples, Agricoli notes that both security officers have already noticed a bond forming between the two military entities.

“Both security officers believe that by combining forces we can only strengthen our relations,” said Agricoli. “We have already seen our forces learning from one another, fostering a greater respect for one another, and coming together as team. These things allow us to become a more proficient and effective fighting unit.”

Installation personnel will begin to see ITAF security members working alongside naval security forces at the NSA Naples Capodichino site starting Oct. 1.

NSA Naples is an operational ashore base that enables U.S., allied, and partner nation forces to be where they are needed, when they are needed to ensure security and stability in Europe, Africa, and Southwest Asia.

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